GSLFIA 2014 Annual Meeting

The Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association is getting together on Monday for their annual meeting.

Where: 18600 Edison Ave. Chesterfield, MO
When: Monday, October 20th at 7pm

There will be complimentary flights in the Redbird’s top-of-the-line, full-motion, fully-enclosed dual-control cockpit, FAA approved AATD with wrap-around visuals. Don’t miss it!

More information here.

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AOPA is looking for help

Want to be a Beta Tester for AOPA’s flight planning software? You only need these qualifications:

1. Be a current AOPA member;
2. Have access to reliable internet using one of the following browsers: FireFox, Chrome or Safari (Internet Explorer is not currently supported);
3. Be willing to use the flight planner more extensively than you would under normal flight planning circumstances, including documentation and repetition of steps;
4. Be willing to submit detailed bug reports as instructed;
5. Be willing to test in a timely manner upon notification by AOPA.
Only a small number of applicants will be selected in this initial round of testing and not all applicants will be selected.

Here’s the link to apply.

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The Dangerous Departure

J. Mac McClellan tells us about the most dangerous stall. And it isn’t the one most instructors think it is:

“If you have been flying for more than a few years you probably believe most stall/spin accidents happen in the traffic pattern. And you are likely convinced that the base-to-final turn is the deadliest spot for stall accidents. And I don’t blame you. That’s what you have been told by instructors and other “industry” types. It just doesn’t happen to be true. And hasn’t been true for many years.

Richard Collins and I have written many times that the takeoff and initial climb is the most common phase of flight for a serious stall accident. And the departure stall is the deadliest. But pilots either don’t believe us, or the myth of the base-to-final stall is simply too enormous for anybody to dethrone…..”

Read the whole article here.

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Aviation 101

This is interesting for the student pilots out there. Embry-Riddle is offering a free Aviation 101 class.

From the website:

AVIATION 101 is comprised of nine video lessons, which will introduce you to a variety of topics in aviation.
Aircraft Systems
Flight Instruments
Radio Communication & ATC
Aviation Weather
Performance and Navigation
No matter your age or your goals, whether you are taking your first steps toward an aviation career, or if you are an experienced pilot, AVIATION 101 has something for you! Be sure to share this course with anyone who may also be interested in aviation!

Check it out!

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ForeFlight looks stronger

As smaller EFB companies exit the market, ForeFlight is quickly becoming the standard among iPad users:

“AOPA is exiting the electronic flight bag (EFB) market, and the association’s existing products, the FlyQ EFB iPad application and related FlyQ Pocket smartphone application, will transition to Seattle Avionics.

The association made the announcement July 25 after a review of member products and services that included an assessment of how AOPA members believe the association should direct resources when it comes to flight planning benefits.

Seattle Avionics, which developed the applications in partnership with AOPA, will work closely with the association to ensure a smooth transition for users.” has the story here.

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Insight on Flight Training

This is a long one from Jason Schappert, but he has some great insights for those considering pursuing a pilot’s certificate.

You can find Jason here.

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767 Go Around

From AVweb:

“The official told CNN the Russian UTair crew had been cleared to land but chose to abort on their own authority. The Aerolineas Argentinas crew also had been cleared to taxi across the runway. A spokesperson told The Irish Times there was plenty of room between the two aircraft for a safe landing….”

Read the whole post here.

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The Impossible Turn

Jason Schappert takes us through the impossible turn:

Thanks, Jason!

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A Century of the Autopilot

Ccimage courtesy of 1lenore on flickr

From AOPA:

“It seems hard to believe, but the first aircraft autopilot was demonstrated 100 years ago today. On June 18, 1914, Lawrence Sperry let go of the controls of a Curtiss C-2 biplane, stood up in the cockpit, and raised his hands high above his head. The crowd below roared its approval as Sperry’s mechanic then walked out onto the airplane’s wing–and it remained in level flight.

This took place above the Seine River during France’s Airplane Safety Contest. A total of 57 “specially equipped” airplanes, featuring such innovative technologies as magnetos, self-starters, and carburetors–all still used today–competed for a prize of 50,000 francs (about $10,000). Sperry was the only one to demonstrate a gyroscopic stabilizer, and won the prize…”

Read the whole post here.

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Hayward to Oshkosh

General Aviation News lets us know about the 50th anniversary of the Air Rally:

“Organizers note it’s less than 60 days from the start of the Hayward Air Rally from Hayward, Calif., to Oshkosh. More than 30 aircraft have entered to date, but organizers say they hope to have 50 to celebrate the rally’s 50th year.

Wonder what it’s like to fly in the air rally? Following is an account by Gil Takemori, who flew in the rally for the first time in 2013:

Take-off checklist complete, check. The radio crackles as we hear our race number called to line up and wait for our start. The tension builds and then finally, the radio breaks its unbearable silence and we hear the air boss finally count down “3-2-1, Go!”

The throttle gets pushed to redline and we’re off, just as the flagman briskly swings the bright orange and white checkered start flag earthward. I look over at my navigator who has already started our race timer and our Hayward Air Rally competition has officially begun.”

Read the whole account here.

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