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Insight on Flight Training

This is a long one from Jason Schappert, but he has some great insights for those considering pursuing a pilot’s certificate. You can find Jason here.

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767 Go Around

From AVweb: “The official told CNN the Russian UTair crew had been cleared to land but chose to abort on their own authority. The Aerolineas Argentinas crew also had been cleared to taxi across the runway. A spokesperson told The … Continue reading

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The Impossible Turn

Jason Schappert takes us through the impossible turn: Thanks, Jason!

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A Century of the Autopilot

From AOPA: “It seems hard to believe, but the first aircraft autopilot was demonstrated 100 years ago today. On June 18, 1914, Lawrence Sperry let go of the controls of a Curtiss C-2 biplane, stood up in the cockpit, and … Continue reading

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Hayward to Oshkosh

General Aviation News lets us know about the 50th anniversary of the Air Rally: “Organizers note it’s less than 60 days from the start of the Hayward Air Rally from Hayward, Calif., to Oshkosh. More than 30 aircraft have entered … Continue reading

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CFI Best Practices

The Greater Saint Louis Flight Instructors Association is hosting a round table that pilots at any level can benefit from. Here’s the information about their event this Thursday, June 5th. CFI Best Practices: Roundtable and Open Forum Discussion featuring John … Continue reading

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NY Times: Intimate View of America, From Above

If you’re considering getting into general aviation, this is a great read from the NY Times: “We are rolling down the runway, increasing speed. At 70 knots, my husband lifts the nose of our small plane and we are suddenly … Continue reading

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Things “Real Pilots” do

Here’s a list of things “Real Pilots” do according to John Zimmerman from Air Facts: “1. Real pilots help a fellow aviator when in need. While the extent of a pilot fellowship can be debated (we’ve done it here at … Continue reading

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Crosswind Prep

J. Mac McClellan talks about the challenges with crosswinds: “The crosswind capability of an airplane actually has two elements. One issue is flight control authority, and the other is capability to stay on the runway during rollout. Identifying the crosswind … Continue reading

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Spirit of St. Louis Airshow

This weekend: Also, be sure to check the TFRs that will be close to 1H0 airspace!

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