Beer Delivery Drone Stopped by FAA

Now, this is innovation! There has been a lot of coverage of drones in the National Airspace, but none quite like this:

From CNN:

“Ice fishers in Minnesota are reeling from a recent FAA decision prohibiting beer delivery by drone.

Local brewery Lakemaid was testing a new drone delivery system to airlift frosty cases of beer to fishermen holed up in ice shacks on Mille Lacs Lake. After spotting a Lakemaid YouTube video that went up last week of one of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on a test run, the Federal Aviation Administration contacted Lakemaid and told the company to stop.

Unfortunately for Lakemaid fans and anyone else dreading a walk to the corner store, it’s currently against the law to fly drones for commercial purposes or above 400 feet in the United States. The FAA is working on a comprehensive set of rules and regulations that will pave the way for commercial drone flight, but the legislation won’t be ready until at least 2015 and drones might not be in the skies until 2017.

Until then, thirsty fishermen must obtain their beverages through old-fashioned terrestrial delivery methods.”

The Ultimate Paper Airplane

Paper Airplanes; ccimage courtesy of gocarts on flickr

Here’s an interesting story from RadioTimes:

“James May dreamt of being a fighter pilot as a child, his passion stoked by hours spent folding and refolding sheets of paper to produce the sleekest flying model. His love of model planes never faded in the Top Gun years. So May jumped at the chance when Radio Times invited him to show us how to make the paper plane of his youth.

“It’s something I learnt partly from my father and partly from a boy at school during hours of experimentation in the classroom and playground. It’s a sort of cross between a Vulcan bomber and a Fairey Delta, and if you do it properly, it’s a good flyer.”

Read the entire story and see the paper plane folding instructions here.

Hat tip: AVweb

Gifts for Pilots

For those of you trying to find that last minute gift for the pilot in your life, AOPA came up with this list:

“This week, I take a look items I want from the AOPA Online Store, done in partnership with Sporty’s.

AOPA Knife ($27.95) — I was chatting with some of my co-workers and they just raved not only about the knife, but how popular it is with the membership. So now I want one too!
AOPA holiday ornament ($12.95) — I helped do some decorating at the AOPA headquarters, and got to hang this lovely ornament. I’m one of those folks who likes to buy ornaments from the companies I work for, and I’ll be proud to hang this on my tree.
AOPA sweatshirt ($19.95) — you can never have too many of these, so why not an AOPA one?”

Read the rest of the list here.

Time for Xmas Lists

Have you been naughty or nice?...ccimage courtesy of mike_fleming on flickr

Here’s our first one from the AOPA Reporting Points blog…..

“I don’t know about you, but I’m in full shopping mode for the holidays. I’ve been buying for my family and others in my life. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I had to stop short, because I honestly hadn’t thought about it.

But after doing some thinking, I remembered that I’m a student pilot and there are still many things I need to buy to keep up. So I decided to take a spin through the Aircraft Spruce and create my wish list in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Student pilot flight bag ($59.95 to $62.75) — right now, I’m carrying my stuff in an AOPA tote bag I got when I was hired. I like this bag because it comes in red (my favorite color) and can hold all of my stuff, including my headphones, batteries, kneeboard and charts.
2. Sureflight pro checklists for Cessna ($10.95 to $14.50) — I currently use a many-times-Xeroxed copy of the checklist I’m using for my training in the Cessna Skyhawk SP. It would be nice to have this tough, laminated checklist.
3. Bose A20 headset with dual GA plugs and bluetooth ($1095.00) — when I started my lessons, I used an old pair of headsets from the AOPA Pilot prize box. But I knew I wanted Bose after meeting a rep at Sun ‘N Fun and testing them out. A former co-worker sold me his older Bose headsets, but I want to upgrade to this puppy.”

Read the rest of the wish list here.

Free for Aspiring Pilots

From AVweb:

“EAA said this week that Sporty’s has made its new Learn To Fly course available to all Young Eagles free of charge. Sporty’s has previously offered its recreational and private pilot courses free to Young Eagles, and more than 15,000 students already have accepted that offer. The new Learn To Fly course helps students to focus on the first step — the first solo — and then choose whether to pursue a sport, private, or recreational pilot certificate. The upgraded course is available for iPads and other mobile devices as well as desktop computers, EAA said”

Read more about Young Eagles here.