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AOPA – Air Safety Institute Webinar

On Wednesday, May 4th, the AOPA Air Safety Institute will be sponsoring a webinar for pilots interested in learning more about thunderstorms avoidance with the assistance of air traffic control. There are two times available 2-3pm CDT or 8-9pm CDT.  … Continue reading

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Membership has its privileges

If you’re reading this blog, you could be thinking about joining our club.  We’d love to have you! But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a recent post by Stephen Pope over at Flying Magazine about the benefits … Continue reading

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Radio Frequencies

When in the pattern or close to 1H0, all of us know to monitor and make announcements on 122.800. But what do you listen to when you are away from the field, but still under the Class B shelf? There’s … Continue reading

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FAA Safety Summit

If you have some time available during the week, the St. Louis FSDO is hosting its 1st Annual St. Louis FAA Safety Summit. The event is Tuesday, May 10 from 8:30 am to 4:00pm. All pilots are welcome. You can … Continue reading

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Garmin 430 Brush-up

With the recent weather, a lot of us have been grounded.  If you’re like me, it doesn’t take too long for the cobwebs to start building up again.  This time, let’s focus on avionics. In particular, let’s focus on the … Continue reading

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Peter Cottontail

While eating jelly beans and chasing eggs with my son today, I thought about the rabbit many instrument pilots deal with in approach lighting systems. From the Instrument Flying Handbook, a high-intensity flasher system, often referred to as “the rabbit,” … Continue reading

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Frightening Spring Weather

This Friday evening, I copied the following METAR from Lambert Field: KSTL 230112Z 29029G42KT 1SM R30R/2800VP6000FT +FC -TSRA BKN020 OVC040CB 22/19 RMK TORNADO B10 W MOV E AO2 PK WND 29042/0112 CONS LTGICCGCC ALQDS TS ALQDS MOV E P0001 Obviously, … Continue reading

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And you thought you were tired….

As a pilot, we’ve been reading a lot recently about controllers sleeping on the job.  The Washington Post has an excellent graphic that explains controllers schedules (See it here: ).  It’s called the 2-2-1, meaning you work two daytime … Continue reading

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