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Wife Pinch Hits for Pilot

AVweb has a very interesting audio of a an event where a 70 year old pilot became incapacitated and his wife helps fly the plane to a lower altitude. The audio is here. There is a related story in the … Continue reading

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Granite Rain

The abbreviation for hail in a METAR is GR. Many pilots remember that abbreviation by thinking “Granite Rain.” The hail above landed in my yard in South St. Louis last week. I can’t remember a time in my life when … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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Even the Best…

…can have a bad day.  The U.S. Navy Blue Angels commander has resigned from his position after a mishap in Virginia last week. Here’s the video from NBC: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Private Pilots Volunteer for FEMA Drill

One of the benefits of being a Private Pilot is that you can use your skills in case of an emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently held a drill south of St. Louis in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. … Continue reading

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FAA NOTAM System Down Tomorrow

Pilots will have to use alternative procedures to check notices to airmen (notams) for several hours on May 28 when the FAA notam servers are taken off-line during a relocation of the system’s operations base. The FAA will reposition the … Continue reading

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Practical Test Standards – Free Copy

Each step in earning your certificate offers new challenges for student pilots. Once you’ve soloed the airplane for the first time, you start to think about the practical test. In order to get your private pilot certificate (FAA prefers the … Continue reading

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Carb Ice and Auto Racing

1100 miles of Memorial Day Weekend Auto Racing is almost upon us. Tomorrow is Carburetion Day at Indianapolis, the last day of practice before the Indy 500. While all the Indy cars are now fuel injected, there is one major … Continue reading

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Taking on “The Impossible Turn”

Very early in flight training, student pilots learn to land straight ahead if the engine fails shortly after take-off. It has been preached by legions of Flight Instructors. Trying to make it back to the airport is simply considered, “The … Continue reading

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The Sims

AVweb has a very interesting video about a Level One Flight Training Device – a fancy name for a simulator in which you can actually log time for a rating. This simulator is a Cirrus SR22. However, you don’t need … Continue reading

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