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Golden Age of Aviation

There is a great article in the Post-Dispatch this morning about one of the aviation records set here in St. Louis during the Golden Age of Aviation: “Dale Jackson and Forest O’Brine took off in the St. Louis Robin at … Continue reading

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Running down a Dream

Dreamliner that is…. AVweb has a great walk around video of Boeing’s 787 at Oshkosh.

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FAA Closed for Business (Partially)

Here’s another thing that happened while I was away: The FAA partially shut down. Here’s a comprehensive article from Christopher Hinton at CBS MarketWatch: “The Federal Aviation Administration remained partially closed on Friday, putting tens of thousands of people out … Continue reading

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Ipad and Aviation

Aviation enthusiasts have been early adapters of the Ipad for charts, procedures and general flight planning. EAA’s video team at Oshkosh shows us some of the capabilities of a software named ForeFlight.

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Changing Up for Safety

Our club has a variety of aircraft available for members. Airspeed Blogger Steve Tupper has a good post up about keeping fresh by flying a different aircraft occasionally. Many of us are used to the aircraft that we regularly fly. … Continue reading

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Nothing says General Aviation community more than the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. Our flying club is sending up a delegation of members to participate in the festivities. You can keep up with EAA’s live news feed here. You can … Continue reading

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Back from vacation….

Apologies to our regular readers about the blog being updated only once last week. During my vacation I had very limited internet access – but a great time none the less. I’m back home and ready to get back at … Continue reading

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Circling Approaches, Advice from the Recurrent Training Center (RTC)

Circling Approaches – When and Where is it worth it? Best-case scenario:  You are coming back into a very familiar airport, ceilings are low and visibility is reduced. From any vantage point you are still familiar with where you are … Continue reading

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Momentary Lapses

Every human has an occasional memory lapse. One of the things that is drilled into you during pilot training is to use checklists. Bruce Landsberg over at the Air Safety Institute blog highlights the potentially deadly consequences of neglecting to … Continue reading

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Quick stop in an A380

The Smithsonian Air & Space blog has an interesting entry on all of the engineering that took place to ensure the mammoth A380 could stop in an emergency. “With the Airbus A380 weighing in fully loaded at 1,265,000 pounds, you … Continue reading

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