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It’s Superhydrophobic NOT Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

AVweb points us to a new technology this morning: “A new product scheduled to come on the market early next year promises to provide a durable coating on metal surfaces that can make them repel water, providing resistance to icing … Continue reading

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Crosswind Landing Technique

Richard Collins weighs in on cross-wind landing technique on his latest blog: “Crosswind landings are a real challenge and making a perfect one is every bit as satisfying as a flawless ILS to minimums or a graceful eight-point roll. As … Continue reading

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Improvements at Downtown St. Louis Airport

Flight Planning at The Belleville News-Democrat reports that improvements are finished at KCPS: “The $7.4 million project got under way in May and included widening the primary runway from 100 feet to 150 feet, lengthening it from 6,997 feet … Continue reading

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METAR Brush-Up

All the food consumed over this holiday weekend can help you with this brain teaser. Can you translate this METAR? KSTL 280251Z 33009KT 7SM SCT012 OVC021 03/01 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP213 T00280006 58000 And the answer is….. Conditions at: KSTL … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at HAFC!

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This Friday – HAFC Flight Mixer

What are you doing the day after Thanksgiving? You could be here: Or you could be here: We’re planning a cross-country flight to Farmington. You can meet other members in the club or bring someone else along! For details, check … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Wake Turbulence

Jason Schappert of has a good explanation of Wake Turbulence up on AOPA’s Let’s Go Flying Blog. “What is Wake Turbulence? Well, most simply put wake turbulence is the vortices coming off of the wingtips of aircraft. It’s a … Continue reading

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Can you use your cell phone during flight?

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: (From AC 91.21-1B) 7a. T-PEDs have considerations in addition to those listed in paragraph 6. These include cellular telephones, citizens band radios, remote control devices, computers with wireless network capabilities, and other wireless-enabled devices such … Continue reading

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Pacific Ditching

When pilots plan to fly over water for long distances, they have to prepare themselves for the possibility of ditching the plane. Recently, a Cessna 310 departing from Monterey, CA with plans for Hilo, HI ended up miles short of … Continue reading

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20 Laser Strikes this Year in St. Louis Area

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch snagged an interview with FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt yesterday. It led to this interesting tidbit…. “There have been more than 3,000 reported instances of lasers being pointed into aircraft so far this year – eclipsing the … Continue reading

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