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The Impact of Glass Cockpits

AOPA’s Air Safety Institute has just released its third year of studying Technically Advanced Aircraft – those with glass panels. Here’s what they found: “A couple of things stand out: The vast majority of accidents occurred in day VMC conditions … Continue reading

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Proposed Change for First Officers

It’s going to take a lot more time to get to be an airline pilot. From the AVweb story: “The FAA said on Monday it wants to substantially raise the qualification requirements for first officers who fly for U.S. passenger … Continue reading

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The #2 Radio

Over on the Flight Training Blog there’s a post that covers professional flight crews use their number two radio. The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) encourages pilots “to monitor 121.5 MHz and/or 243.0 MHz while inflight to assist in identifying possible … Continue reading

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New Squawk Code for Gliders

Here’s an interesting story from Aero-News Network: “FAA believes it’s important for other traffic to know whether your blip is a powered aircraft, so the code 1202 has now been designated the standard for gliders, effective March 7…. One impetus … Continue reading

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VFR Flight Plan vs. Flight Following

AOPA has a good explanation of the difference of filing a VFR flight plan and working with air traffic control to get VFR flight following. VFR flight plans serve a different purpose than IFR flight plans, and understanding the difference … Continue reading

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Scaled Composites is Hiring

They’re looking for a few good engineers to come to Mojave: Scaled Overview from Scaled Composites on Vimeo. You can find the hiring page here.

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Checkride Question – What is LAHSO?

LAHSO stands for Land and Hold Short Operations. These operations include landing and holding short of an intersecting runway, an intersecting taxiway, or some other designated point on a runway other than an intersecting runway or taxiway. LAHSO is an … Continue reading

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Fascinating Radar Tracks

Vigilant Sports brings us this fascinating radar track of aircraft coming to and from the Super Bowl. Hat Tip: AirPigz

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Pilot Discussion Series – Tonight

The latest installation of the free Pilot Discussion Series will happen this evening at Creve Couer Airport. Tonight’s topic will cover Aircraft Systems. Here are the details: TIME: 6:30 pm. LOCATION: Creve Coeur Airport (1H0) 3127 Creve Coeur Mill Road, … Continue reading

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The Venerable 172

N1061x, our Cessna 172, is the mainstay of the club. Here’s an interesting article from Flying that talks about the history of the 172 and the future models Cessna is scheduled to roll out later this year: “The Cessna 172 … Continue reading

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