LightSquared Strikes Back

In the ongoing saga over the radio frequency spectrum that includes GPS navigation there is a new development. You can read background about it in previous posts here, here, and here. LightSquared has retained legal titan Ted Olson.

“The Federal Communications Commission has proposed scrapping LightSquared’s authority to conduct land-based signals over its airwaves and revoking a waiver that enabled the company’s business model. Without this regulatory authority, LightSquared’s entry into the wireless market as a competitor to Verizon, AT&T and other traditional carriers is doomed.

What happened to LightSquared is “an egregious example” of the government encouraging a company to invest an enormous amount of money to meet a national objective and then “pulling the rug out from under them capriciously and precipitously,” Olson told POLITICO. “On the face of things, it looks to me like the government has acted arbitrarily after inducing the expenditure of an enormous number of resources.”

Politico has the story here.