Welcome to the High Altitude Flying Club!

Our flying service is based at Creve Coeur Airport (1H0) and represents a modern business model for aircraft rental.  “Club” means that we recognize the support of our members and seek to provide the best environment for pilots to enjoy aviation and succeed with their flight training.

How it Works

Purchase two flight hours each month with a $150/month dues payment and then rent our aircraft as much as you want.  No down payment, buy-in or owership is required to rent, and you may depart the club at any time.  Insurance coverage is included.

New Pilots

Learn to fly in a personalized, friendly, family of pilots and flight instructors.

Current Pilots

Expand your knowledge and network with other pilots.  Train with HAFC and fulfill your dreams of aircraft ownership.

Aircraft Owners

Rent our complex and high performance aircraft to achieve your endorsements, Commercial Pilot Rating and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

Join and start flying with us Today!

Benefits of High Altitude Flying Club

  • Convenience
    • Fly hangared aircraft at Creve Coeur Airport with fuel line service (during normal hours).
    • Schedule Aircraft from home or your iPhone/Droid phone using Greenfolder online scheduling.
  • Quality
    • Aircraft are kept clean and protected from the elements inside our hangars.
    • Aircraft are maintained by professional FAA certified mechanics.
  • No Ownership Required
    • Join and leave the club at any time without having to sell shares.
    • Rent aircraft at a dry rate with no fuel surcharges.
  • Camaraderie
    • Meet, train, and stay proficient with other member pilots.
    • Receive flight instruction from other CFI club members.

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