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On the steps of N83FJ, a Dassault Falcon 50 I flew for 191/2 years

Ron Dillard

Ron Dillard

Ron Dillard

Although I did not get my PPL until completing ROTC flight training at Western Ky. Univ. in the early ‘60s, I was actually taught to fly by my Dad, a former WWII US Army Air Corps B-17 pilot and a part time flight instructor when I was growing up.
Shortly after graduation I completed the US Army Helicopter training in Al. and the Army Aviation Safety Officer and Accident Investigation School at the Univ. of Southern Ca. before serving a tour in RVN flying UH-1 helicopters for the 1st Cav. While in the Army I earned a Masters Degree from The Univ. of Southern Ca. in Aerospace Operations and Management.

I instructed for a while after leaving the Army in the early 70s and took whatever flying job could be found. I did some night freight, air ambulance flights, flew the mail for a short while in a Beech D-18-S, along with 5 years of contract work flying a dozen different airplanes and helicopters based in Knoxville, Tn.
During this period, I completed training for an ATP rating in Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft and a CFII & ME.

I signed on with Sea Ray Boats when they moved their headquarters to Knoxville in the mid 80s flying an Agusta 109 helicopter and a Dasault Falcon 50. That job lasted until Brunswick bought the company.

In 1989 I joined Anheuser-Busch and stayed with them flying their Falcon 900s, 50s, and a Bell 412 until retirement in October 2008.

Along with partners, I have owned a Bellanca Citabria for the past 7 years.
I currently hold An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with ratings in Airplane Multiengine Land and Rotorcraft-Helicopter with Type Ratings in; AS-355, BH-212, DA-10, DA-50, and LR45. And Commercial Privileges in Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea. I also hold a Flight Instructor Certificate with ratings in Airplane Single and Multiengine; Instrument Airplane.

I have been married to wife number 1 for 43 years and have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

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